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Volunteer for us

HG is such a debilitating and isolating condition which renders people socially isolated and unable to advocate for themselves due to prolonged and extreme nausea and vomiting; which in some cases can last the whole pregnancy.

Our volunteer network is a crucial element of our mission in providing the care and support that HG sufferers deserve. Many of our volunteers have first hand experience of the condition but it is not necessary to do many of the roles we have available.

Fundraise for us

By fundraising in aid of Pregnancy Sickness Support you are part of a wonderful community helping to improve the lives of people affected by pregnancy sickness.

Pregnancy Sickness Support receive no government funding, which means that all of the incredible work that we do relies on donations. From delivering on to one peer support, training health care professionals, participating in HG research and providing our vital helpline; we simply would not be able to do it without supporters like you. 


As the only UK registered charity supporting women and their families who suffer with Hyperemesis Gravidarum; we are often approached to help recruit patients and sufferers for research projects, surveys and focus groups.

If you would like to help please click below to find out more about the projects that are currently recruiting for participants or looking for women to answer survey questions or volunteer to tell their story . 

“Fundraising for PSS is by far one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.”

Danielle Jones | Hertfordshire