Support in Action: Introducing 2024 40-Day Volunteers

This week marks the commencement of our 40-Day Fundraiser Challenge, and we’re thrilled to introduce this year’s incredible line up of HG Supporters. Their fundraising efforts are invaluable, and we are immensely grateful for their dedication and enthusiasm in joining us to make a difference in the lives of those affected by Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Our 40-day fundraisers’ support enables us to continue providing vital HG services to our community, including our peer support programme, helplines, new HG research initiatives, training for healthcare professionals, and our counselling service.

Follow their journey on our social media platforms and learn more about their challenges. Show your support by visiting their fundraising pages linked below.

No matter how big or small your contribution it will bring us closer to our goal of alleviating the burden of this condition on individuals and families. 


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